Dubai investor rues early exit from Shiba Inu investment; misses out on $70 million

A Dubai-based investor lost out on a potential fortune of $70 million due to a premature exit from his Shiba Inu investment in 2020.

A investor had acquired Shiba Inu tokens worth $4,000 in August 2020, accumulating nearly 5 trillion SHIB tokens. Yet, discouraged by SHIB’s underwhelming performance throughout 2020, he sold his holdings at year-end, neither making a profit nor incurring a loss.

Unfortunately for the investor, Shiba Inu experienced a significant rally in 2021, erasing six ‘zeroes’ within ten months and hitting a record high of $0.00008616. If the Dubai investor had held onto his tokens, his modest $4,000 investment could have ballooned to an astounding $70 million.

The investor has since publicly shared his experience on YouTube, emphasizing the missed opportunity. Currently, purchasing 5 trillion Shiba Inu tokens would set one back by approximately $36.7 million. The digital currency is presently trading at $0.00000735, down 0.4% over the last 24 hours.

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